Futures Flat – One New Watch List Addition

After another modest down day yesterday, futures are flat this morning.

Janet Yellen will be speaking today at the annual gathering of Federal Reserve members and other central bankers in Jackson Hole. Yippie.

Our DG got hit very hard (-18%) yesterday on earnings. Need to keep a close eye on it today to see if it can recover.

I ran my usual stock screens early this morning, and added one new stock to the TrendLines SetUps WatchList.

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UPDATE: Latest High-Ranked BreakOut – YNDX

Richard-JamesYesterday, we had YNDX breakout from the Technical SetUps WatchList which is emailed out each morning in our Stock WatchList Morning Update.

I sent out a BreakOut Alert on YNDX to all subscribers, just before 2 PM.

For those who bought, or for those who want to learn, here is a concise update…

Yandex N.V. operates an Internet search engine in Russia and internationally.

This stock was added to our Technical SetUps WatchList on 8/3 as I found it had solid ranks, good fundamentals and was building a base of consolidation near new price highs while trading above its 50-day moving average.

As I have continuously stated – I consider this “technically ideal” as there is no resistance in the way of further possible gains, while in the event of a pullback there is sound support (50 DMA) just below the BUY PRICE.

YNDX $23.24 08-03-16 08-11-16 $ 23.31


50 DMA $20.83 $21.44 10/25/16 -0.30%

Charts courtesy of StockCharts.com

On Thursday afternoon, shares traded above their TRIGGER PRICE of $23.30 with volume conviction of +71% above average. This bullish action always confirms a BUY signal.

Those who have taken my 7-Day Investing Course know that once a stock confirms a BUY signal and is added to your portfolio, the next thing you do is update the “trading criteria”. This includes adding a 1st SUPPORT, 2nd SUPPORT, and a MAX LOSS GUIDE. (see table above or contact me if you need help in setting these for your trades)

From here, obviously any above average volume declines (-p%/+v%) would be the first concern. There may be some support at the highs of the base near $23, however I am going to put our 1st SUPPORT at the 50-day moving average, which is currently at $21.64. Below there, we have the lows of the base near $20.83. The MAX LOSS GUIDE is always -8% below the BUY PRICE (BP x 0.92).

Going forward, you should continue to grade this holding by using the “3 Pillars of Analysis” – the (1) fundamental factors such as earnings estimate revisions using Zacks, and company news headlines. Also, note the (2) technicals each day by checking the “stock’s vitals”, meaning daily price/volume action, and also check the appropriate (3) ranks using investors.com or MarketSmith. From there, build and update a “Profile Analysis” and an overall Grade for this position. As long as it maintains a good Grade, hold it. If it gets weak and breaks your noted support levels, cut it before you lose much of any profit or it becomes a considerable loss.

This is how I do it.

If anyone needs any additional information, please let me know, as I would be glad to assist you.

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Two Stand-Out Stocks From My Morning Watch Lists

I currently maintain, update, and monitor three watch lists on a daily basis.

For me, I couldn’t imagine trading or investing without a watch list.

No matter what type of trader you are, or what type of strategy or method you decide to use, you should alwasy be screening for stocks based on your chosen method and then building a watch list.

Your watch list will not only tell you which stocks to buy (based on your selected methodology), but also when to buy. So you’ll know what to do, and when to do it just by monitoring your watch list.

The investing method I’ve chosen to follow is based on a famous 50-year study of the market’s biggest winners. The study found that the stocks which made the biggest gains, all had the same characteristics before they made their tremendous moves.

Each day, I am looking for stocks in today’s marketplace that have those same winning characteristics.

So, please stop guessing, or going on hunches, or haphazardly investing based on random tips from TV, friends, your barber, or social media.

Just get disciplined.

Here are my three types of watch lists which are based on that famous 50-year study of the market’s biggest winners.

I’ve also included two diverse stocks from those watch lists that really stand out today, as each looks poised to trigger a signal that would have me opening a position.

TrendLine SetUps Watch List

When stocks are added to this particular watch list they have high-ranks and decent fundamentals, but are not in traditional bases nor are they at new all-time highs. They are trading in a downtrend or making series of lower highs. Once a stock breaks out of that downtrend, to the upside, and with volume conviction, the stock is triggering a buy signal.

Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated (CORT – Nasdaq)

I added this selection to my TrendLine SetUps WatchList on 7/29, as I noticed it had an impressive fundamental history, along with solid ranks, and was setting up in a bullish trend.


Chart courtesy of stockcharts.com – Click chart to enlarge.

The stock is low-priced and does trade a little thinner than I normally like to see, as it is currently priced at $6, and the average daily volume is only 415,00 shares. This must be kept in mind when deciding how many shares you want buy, as a position may not be as liquid, and things could more easily get volatile.There are only 110 million shares outstanding. Stocks with a smaller number of shares, such as this one, can more easily move higher with less buying. Mutual funds and pension funds currently hold a 30% interest while the number of funds, which is reported quarterly, has been increasing as follows: (127, 128, 131, 136).

The company has posted triple-digit percentage increases in the quarterly earnings comparisons for the past four quarters (+150%, +250% +167% and +200% in the latest quarter). Year-over-year quarterly sales comparisons have been: +82%, +66%, +59%, and +65% in the latest quarter. Annual earnings have continually increased since 2014, and are estimated to grow +220% this year and +383% in 2017.

Technically, shares are trading in a shorter-term uptrend from the recent lows made during the end of January. They continue holding just above the 50-day moving average. This is something I look for as not only are shares not at all extended, but in the event of a pullback that area (50 DMA) offers sound support not too far below the purchase price.

I calculated the TRIGGER PRICE to be $6.25, which is .10 above the significant high made on 7/12.

Any trading above the TRIGGER PRICE of $6.25 while the day’s volume is above average would have this leader flashing a technical BUY signal up to the MAX BUY PRICE of $6.56. This gives you a 5% BUY window.

This stock is option-able.

If anyone needs any additional help, especially after a purchase, you can email me at james@jamestaulman.com, and I would be glad to assist you.


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Technical SetUps WatchList
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If anyone needs any additional help, you can email me at james@jamestaulman.com, and I would be glad to assist you.

High-Ranked Leaders Watch List

The selections on this list match up very favorably with the proven guidelines of a famous 50-year study of the market’s greatest winners. These stocks are of highly-ranked, financially sound companies and have properly formed technical bases. These selections hail from the current leading groups of the market. They are profitable businesses with either a new product or service, new management or are making new highs in share price as institutions and big money managers are accumulating shares. This means that they have the winning characteristics, plus bullish chart patterns such as a cup with handle, flat base, and double bottom base.

If any of the stocks break out from this list, with volume conviction of at least +50% above the stock’s 50-day average volume, then that particular stock is a buy. I’ve seen this to be the case, no matter what the market is being labeled.

Currently, there are not any stocks that are meeting the criteria to be on this watch list. I can’t bend the rules or make any up.

Technical SetUps WatchList

The criteria for selecting stocks for this list is not as strict as the High Ranked Leaders Watch List. These stocks will have high ranks, yet the fundamentals may not match up as well.

This watch list also includes stocks to short.

When looking for SHORTS, I am looking for the exact opposite characteristics that I am looking for in my LONGS.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG – NYSE) – SHORT

I just added this selection to my Technical SetUps WatchList this morning as a SHORT. Actually, a new colleague of mine, Joe Sowell pointed it out.


Chart courtesy of stockcharts.com – Click chart to enlarge.

I judge all my stocks on what I call “3 Pillars of Analysis”.


The company has poor fundamentals and ranks, and technically has been holding support of some previous lows, yet a break below there would trigger a SHORT sale.

I calculated the TRIGGER PRICE to be $384.67 which is .10 below the significant low made on 6/14.

Any trading below the TRIGGER PRICE of $384.67 while the day’s volume is above average would have this leader flashing a technical SHORT signal down to the MAX SHORT PRICE of $365.44. From there, there is no support until below $250.

This stock is option-able.

I have another 12 stocks on my Trendline SetUps Watch List. I can not “give” all of those out as that would not be fair to the current subscribers.

However, you are welcome to get access to all three of my watchlists for the next 30 days, for just 45 bucks, which is a special 50% discount, just for you, for reading all the way through this report. I commend you for thoroughly reading this report. You are the type of individual that will really benefit from receiving the information I provide.

($47 for 30 days access – 50% OFF- nothing to cancel)

Or you can get just my Technical SetUps WatchList, which currently has two
stocks that I am monitoring for a potential breakout, for just 9 bucks a month.

Technical SetUps WatchList
($9 a month – cancle anytime)

If anyone needs any additional help, you can email me at james@jamestaulman.com, and I would be glad to assist you.



MONDAY UPDATE: Most Recent High-Ranked Buyable BreakOuts

Last week while maybe some were trying to figure out what to do, or watching the news for the latest media buzz about the next speculative stock pick, I hope you were following some simple disciplines.

1) Running screens each day looking for high-ranked, fundamentally sound leaders which are setting up in bullish technical bases. Or reading the Stock WatchList Morning Update before the open, as it contains a list of such stocks.

2) Adding your “Trading Criteria” for each buy candidate that you found. (see slide below from my 7-Day Training Course for some that I use)

3) Monitoring that watch list throughout each trading session, and if any stocks break out and meet your “Trading Criteria” you buy them.

Slide from 7-Day Training Course

If you you were disciplined last week and just followed the stocks that were in the Stock WatchList Morning Update, you would currently be “in” these three positions (see below), properly.

For those who did, or for those who are looking to learn, here is an update on what to watch for this week, as far as sell signals.




Futures Higher on Jobs – New Stock on The Watch List

Jobs report is out this morning and it shows we added 255,000 jobs in July, which is more than expected.

Futures are higher.

European markets were all rising in early trading, while most Asian markets ended the day with gains.

Here is an update on my watch list from my Trendline SetUp WatchList.

UPDATE: Tallgrass Energy GP, LP (TEGP – NYSE)

Has high ranks and great fundamentals.

If this stock trades above its TRIGGER PRICE while its daily volume is on pace to make its TRIGGER VOLUME, that would have this stock triggering a technical buy signal up to its MAX BUY PRICE. Please see the table above for this specific trading criteria.

Chart courtesy of stockcharts.com – Click chart to enlarge.


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Futures Higher as BOE Cuts Rates and Ups QE

You heard it – today, the Bank of England has cut interest rates for the first time in seven years.

Also, they will revive a broader economic stimulus program to try to limit the damage from June’s Brexit vote.

U.S. futures higher.

Break outs from our watch lists remain buyable.

Speaking of, PCTY actaully traded above its TRIGGER PRICE of $45.99 late-afternoon yesterday.

Remains buyable up to its MAX BUY PRICE of $48.29 as long as there is volume behind the move.

Also of note, I removed COMM from the TrendLine SetUps WatchList.

I ran my usual stock screens early this morning, and added two new stocks to the Technical Set Ups WatchList.



UPDATE: Today’s Breakouts From My…

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If a stock from that list breaks out above its TRIGGER PRICE with above average volume, it is triggering a BUY signal up to the MAX BUY PRICE.

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These Are Today’s BreakOuts That Were Just Featured in This Morning’s –

Stock WatchList: Morning Update




Futures Lower – Stocks Look to be Tested

After hitting a record high in July, the Dow closed considerably lower Tuesday, making its seventh consecutive daily loss.

This morning, U.S. stock futures are all sinking.

European markets were mixed in early trading, while most Asian markets ended the day in the red.

As I noted yesterday, if the market is going to continue to  pressure stocks, watch closely which ones of yours start to crack first. Prepare to prune.

These stocks – from the TrendLine Portfolio – are at or near their highs, yet are not extended from support:

COO (P/L: +2.61%), LOW (P/L: +6.04%), ABM (P/L: +11.50%), SINA(P/L: +7.15%), RTN (P/L: +8.95%), WTS (P/L: +11.93%), AHS (P/L:+40.63%), XRAY (P/L: +7.63%), UNH (P/L: +19.39%)


Down to near support and need to hold:

AJX (P/L: –2.81%), EXP (P/L: –3.33%), RAI (P/L: –3.44%), CMN (P/L:–4.01%), DG (P/L: –11.02%), CBM (P/L: –2.98%), MPWR (P/L: +7.33%),ERI (P/L: +39.94%), SEP (P/L: +2.41%), UNH (P/L: +19.39%),

These are breaking support:

USG (P/L: –7.14%), INTU (P/L: +3.92%),

This set is extended and looks vulnerable to a pullback:

ACM (P/L: +4.32%), IGT (P/L: +15.51%), NTES (P/L: +32.74%), RTEC(P/L: +24.04%), DW (P/L: +48.36%), MXL (P/L: +36.00%),

I ran my usual stock screens early this morning, and added two new stocks to the Technical Set Ups WatchList.



UPDATE: BMCH – What to Look For Next Week

BMC Stock Holdings Inc (BMCH – NASDAQ)

BMC Stock Holdings, Inc. operates as lumber and building materials distributor and solutions provider in the United States.

This high-ranked selection broke out from my Technical SetUps WatchList on Monday and confirmed a BUY signal as shares traded above my TRIGGER PRICE while the day’s volume was +55% above the average daily rate.

A BreakOut Alert! was issued that day, and emailed to all subscribers.
(sign up is here  – free)

The stock made some continued gains on the following day, yet admittedly volume did lack the conviction it had during the breakout.

This latest portfolio addition traded in a rather quiet fashion for the remainder of the week with no real concerns.

BMCH $ 20.35 07-20-16 07-25-16 $ 20.09 +1.29%


For those who followed the rules and bought BMCH on Monday, you can put your 1st SUPPORT at the highs of the previous base, near $19.70.

Any trading below there would be your first concern, as shares would also be breaking down and out of the uptrend which the stock got in since finding support at its 200-day moving average on 6/29.

The next lower level of support would be the 50-day moving average, currently at $18.79.

The MAX STOP LOSS GUIDE for this position in at $18.48.

NOTE: Company reports Q2 on next Monday morning. Before Friday’s close you need to decide if you are going to hold through the announcement.

BMCH073016Charts courtesy of StockCharts.com



Market Quiet Ahead of Friday’s GDP Report

The major averages are trading in a rather tight range today as they remain near new highs.

Second quarter GDP will be released before Friday’s open.

Only one of our stocks had earnings today as IGT is selling off on results that beat Wall Street expectations. Shares are trading well off of the lows and above support.

After CBM sold off hard on earnings earlier in the week and closed below the 50-day moving average, shares are now negating that negative action as they are shooting well above the 50 DMA with volume conviction.  As noted yesterday – “This stock needs to get back above there ($51.67).”

After selling off on earnings, USG remains above the 50-day moving average ($28.06), and we will watch to see if this stock holds above there.

Our most recent breakout – AJX continues holding at/above our 1st SUPPORT which is the 50-day moving average, currently at $13.74.

Some of our other stocks with noteworthy action are…