The rally remains resilient, and with the Dow now at 20,624 this clearly puts the once somewhat elusive 20K hurdle more significantly in the rearview mirror. That doesn’t really mean too much, but is interesting to point out to all the naysayers.

We continue to catch stocks which have been breaking out of our watch lists at a dizzying pace. I can not remember seeing this many breakouts week-after-week in my 15-years of being in this business.

Through my Personal Portfolio Service, I called another 9 BUYS this past week.

Even my newer members who follow me there should be fully-invested at this point by just following the guidelines.

This is all by simply following the rules and disciplines which have developed and are a part of the service I provide.

One rule is – I do not pay much attention to the “news”. And good thing I don’t. Just in the past several months I’ve heard that the market is going to crash for a number of reasons. First it was the Fed raising rates, then the Brexit, then if Trump wins, then when Trump gets inaugurated. I hear – be prepared to short this and put puts on that.

“….any of your previous breakouts which are not performing well in this environment can be sold without having to trigger our standard SELL signals…”

On this past Thursday afternoon I got a Skype message from one of my coaching clients who I work closely with on a daily basis that read – “The only caution here in the US is that a lot of the Trump rally and promises have been factored into the positive market.  IF … If there is no follow through on the promises, then the market will certainly correct. That is the talk on the financial stations.”

So, now that is the latest?

I am not saying that the market is never going to come down, pull back, or not ever crash, but – trade what you see – don’t predict. There are advisors, analysts, TV pundits, and day traders on social media trying to predict or develop some kind of one-off thesis based on what they think will be the results of a particular event and also what will be the market’s reactions to it. Don’t listen.

Instead, set and follow a discipline of screening stocks daily and build a watch list of high-ranked, fundamentally sound leaders which are setting up in bullish bases of consolidation. After all, those are the characteristics of the biggest stock market winners in history. If you can not spend an hour or so each morning or evening and $165 a month on screening software – you can use the watch list which I provide daily. A watch list of such stocks will tell you what to do. If they are breaking out to new highs and triggering BUY signals, especially in numbers, there must be something good going on in the market, and if there are no breakouts, then there is nothing to do.

As far as your current positions/previous breakouts – take each on a case-by-case basis. Don’t sell your whole lot just because someone told you at the barbershop or beauty parlor or you heard on Facebook that the world is coming to an end in three months, again. If a particular stock you own is selling off on volume and breaking support, those are your general SELL signals, not someone else’s predictions. Also, stocks which are holding up, making news highs, showing resilience through a couple of bad days in the market, those are your holds.

Again, that is generally speaking. As far as further specifics, as I stated recently in my daily portfolio updates – “….any of your previous breakouts which are not performing [making considerable gains]well in this environment can be sold without having to trigger our standard SELL signals, especially if you need to free up some capital to jump on some fresh breakouts that have possibility of performing better. Don’t sit there with a handful of lagging positions while the market is running…”

Monday, the market will be closed for President’s Day. Gives us another three-day weekend as this is the fourth such sabbatical in the past two months. Although we will not be doing any trading, I will still be in the office taking your emails, calls, and getting caught up on all of our previous breakouts that have recently been added to our portfolios.

As regular readers know, early each market morning I diligently screen through hundreds of high EPS and RS ranked stocks that have solid fundamentals.

I am looking for those select few that are setting up in bullish technical bases that are poised to breakout that day.

I now include those in my new morning report- James Taulman’s Morning Market Update which is offered complimentary to subscribers

Every issue contains a concise market commentary, educational points, and several leading stocks which are personally selected by me that look the most poised to break out that day.

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