Today marked day 8 of the latest rally attempt and the Nasdaq has now officially confirmed a new uptrend. Stocks from your watch list are again buyable, while following the proven, winning guidelines.

Three of our current holdings acquired during the previous rally, MX , EVR and YNDX actually broke out again. So, we have now raised their respective fist support levels up, helping us to hopefully capture more profits in the event of a pullback. Premium Members can reference those price points along with other specific trading criteria on all of our selections in the table below. The remainder of our holdings such as JAZZ, TRIP, PKG, and the aforementioned SSYS continue, for the most part, to perform rather well technically, while maintaining their high ranks and, at the least, decent fundamentals.

We currently have five stocks on our watch list of high-ranked buy candidates that are setting up technically in proper bases of consolidation. This means that they have the winning characteristics which we are all looking for. Including such chart patterns as a cup with handle, flat base, double bottom base, etc. History has shown that when these stocks are posted as set ups, they are poised for a breakout!