Richard-James– James F. Taulman, former Editor-in-Chief of the first independently licensed website to offer stock reports and services based on the CAN SLIM® investment system.

For the past year or so, investors have been asking for my thoughts on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the like.

There is no-doubt it is a booming industry, however it’s still somewhat new and can be confusing to most.

There are several ways to get involved.

I’ve personally invested in coins, read ICO whitepapers, talked with programmers about arbitrage bots, and looked at stocks and funds which could benefit from this new and still emerging market.

After spending a good deal of time researching the different options, I’ve found what I consider a sound approach to cryptocurrency investing.

While the individual coins or currency might be speculative, I believe the underlying technology of the blockchain is valid. That is, the computer systems that create and validate the coins and other types of corporate transactions.

Many of our most well-known companies have embraced this technology. Some examples are Microsoft, Paypal, Wholefoods, Bloomberg, Gap, JC Penny, Overstock, Tesla, and DishNetwork.

This is a much less speculative way to participate in cryptocurrency and blockchain – which produces consistent predictable revenue by owning the actual mining equipment.

To date the returns have been approaching +50% overall.

Some of my colleagues put together a presentation that explains how it can work. I saw it. I liked it. Here is the way I have gotten involved.

I invite you to take a look at a 12 minute educational video describes how to create steady revenue.

Take a look and see if it makes sense for you.

If you are interested in viewing the video presentation –

Please request a copy using the brief form below.

Any questions – you can call me directly at: 954-709-5467

I look forward to speaking with you.



James F. Taulman – For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered stock reports and services based on the CAN SLIM® investment system.

He has developed a knack for being able to quickly and accurately analyze high-ranked stocks based on this winning investment strategy. Over the years, Mr. Taulman has enjoyed assisting individuals from professional money managers to private investors with their needs in relation to implementing this investment approach on a daily basis in the current marketplace.

Each Sunday you could hear him deliver his weekly market report as part of the “Your Money Matters” radio program on ABC and CBS radio networks.

James now runs two websites and a portfolio service where he features select stocks which match up very favorably with the guidelines of the winning investing system